presentations not launching this year

Oct 18, 2016

I have injury tutorials that I use once a year. This year the tutorials appear to launch but the bar never moves across and launches. Nothing has changed on either computer the projects are installed on. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Marsha.  You mentioned that the presentations are installed on specific computers.  When you originally published your course, do you know for what format it was published (e.g. CD, web)?

If it was published for web, and you usually launch your course by clicking on the presentation.html file from the published output, you might be running into a new security feature implemented with the latest Flash Player update.  Browser security settings could be blocking your course from running.  We have some documentation and workarounds in this article.

To avoid browser setting hangups, if you are going to host your course on a local computer, we recommend publishing your course for CD.  You can then use the Launch_Presentation.exe file to launch your course.

However, if you've published it for web, uploaded it to a web server and it isn't working suddenly, we can have a closer look.

Let us know how you've published and in what browser/environment you're viewing your courses, and we'll be happy to help!

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