Presenter '13, Articulate Mobile Player and iPad

Is there posted someplace, easy to understand directions on how these three products work together?  I am about to move from Presenter '09 to '13 and want to make the presentations available on the iPad.  Do I have to have separate files for HTML5 and Flash (for the PC folks)?  I am currently working with Moodle and Articulate '09.  The presentations are not viable on an iPad. 


Peter C Moyer

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter!

I think we have some documentation in place that can address your questions.

Publishing a Project for iPad or HTML5 will help you understand how to publish your course, then understanding how Presenter determines which version of your content to display when learners view it explains how it will be presented based on the environment.

Russell Still

When you Publish, you have options to include HTML5 output and output for the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP). You don't have to do anything extra beyond checking the boxes. When the launch code runs (it was "player.html" in '09 and it's "presentation.html" in '13) it determines the platform and decides whether to continue on and run the Flash version or one of the other two versions.

You will likely have to tweak your old presentations if you plan on having them run in HTML5. It's a little quirky and does not run nearly as smooth as the Flash executions that you're used to.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

I'll let Russ weigh in on what he meant about "tweak old presentations" but I did want to share a method where you could upload your projects and test them in the web, html5 and the AMP. I like to test projects on Tempshare which creates a unique URL and is removed after 10 days - so perfect testing time.  

Greg Friese

Russ Still said:

You will likely have to tweak your old presentations if you plan on having them run in HTML5. It's a little quirky and does not run nearly as smooth as the Flash executions that you're used to.

Hi Russ, I am also curious about the tweaks you have had to make as we are encountering several problems.

1) White borders around images with a transparent backgroun

2) Text boxes not displaying any text that may be outside of the actual text box borders

3) Animations not being synchronized with the audio

4) the multi-line Articulate loading spinner displaying continuously while a slide is playing on the iPad



Russell Still

Hi Peter and Greg. I'm a guest in this forum and don't want to be overly critical of HTML5 support. I will say that I am finding my own presentations to be so unstable on the iPad (HTML5, not the AMP) that they are currently unusable.

The issue with the white borders is frustrating, but not necessarily a show stopper. It's ugly, but at least it doesn't present any stability issues. I'm planning on doing some testing today to see if I can figure out what exactly is causing it and then do it differently.

A few of the bigger issues (show stoppers) I'm having are:

(1) Player-level Prev and Next buttons sometimes don't work (and may occasionally cause the entire presentation to crash/freeze)

(2) Visual objects that appear on some slides arbitrarily disappear on subsequent slides.

(3) Same problem with shapes. This is random - they usually are there, but sometimes just disappear

(4) Same problem with backgrounds. They sometime disappear just leaving a solid gray background

(5) On long presentations (with more than approx. 20ish slides), there is no way for the user to get back up to earlier slides that have scrolled off the menu since it is not scrollable by the user. (I'm having to insert a Home button that branches back to the beginning. Messy but it works.)

Problems (2) and (3) are clearly show stoppers. If I can't get this solved, I will have to abandon iPad support completely.

If you want to try this on your iPad, here's a published presentation that exhibits the problems:

It works great in Flash, but on the iPad, visual objects are vanishing leaving the narrator discussing something that is clearly not being shown. I'd be curious to hear if you see this. With luck, maybe I just have a flakey iPad (not likely, and I have updated to the latest iOS).

The issue with the slide length terminating when the audio narration ends is frustrating, but can be tediously worked around. I go into the audio editor and paste in some extra audio (making it silent). This makes the audio track long enough for the remaining slide animations to play. This is a big nuisance and adds considerably to development time. In '09, the presentation would play until either the audio track completed OR the slide animations completed (this is how it should still be done).

Russell Still

Peter, you mentioned the spinner running for inordinately long times. Does it eventually stop? And are your slides long or full of complicated animations or video?

I've completely given up on embedding video. Frequently doesn't work at all or begins running at the wrong time.

Also, roughly how many slides are in your presentations? I'm curious if this is based on slide size and/or project size.