Presenter '13 vs Articulate 360

Oct 23, 2017

Hi, I'm thinking about upgrading to 360 but I still have a need to create courses in Presenter '13.
Would I be able to choose between them or would I only be able to use 360 from here on out.

Also, if a file is created in Presenter '13, can someone with 360 open it? If they make changes, could they save it back into '13?


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Nina.  All great questions!  I'll take them one by one:

  1. When you install Articulate 360, you can choose the desktop apps that get installed.  For example, on one of my desktops, I have Storyline 360, Peek and Replay 360 installed, but I chose to keep Studio '13 installed.
  2. If somebody opens your Studio '13 project in 360, it will prompt them to upgrade the file.  A backup Studio '13 version will be created.
  3. Studio 360 files can't be opened with earlier versions.

I hope that helps!

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