Presenter 360: Can I publish to MP4 file

Nov 04, 2020

I was wondering is it possible to publish a Presenter 360 project directly to MP4?

When I try to export to MP4 using PPT it doesn't pick up the narration that was added in the Articulate tab. 


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Lea Ann Bowers

The animations (entrance/fade in) that were synced in Presenter are not happening anymore when importing it into Storyline.  All the animation happens at once.  Is this because it's one text box?  Would I have to break up all the text into separate text boxes and then adjust the start/end times on the timeline to sync it in storyline?  

Jose Tansengco

Hi Lea Ann,

Happy to chime in!

Not everything is carried over when slides are imported from PowerPoint to Storyline 360. For animations and transitions, this article lists everything that is imported: 

If you have specific timings and animations for text in your text boxes, you'll need to recreate them within Storyline 360, and you may need to move the text into individual text boxes for the timing to be the same as it was in PowerPoint.