Presenter 360 course not behaving in terms of responsiveness

I'm working on a PC, with Presenter 360. My published course is not responsive, and it is appearing closer to a 4:3 ratio, than the 16:9 I set up in PowerPoint.  I've attached screen shots for the PowerPoint settings and Presenter player "Other" settings.

As you can see the player size is set to scale to fill the browser window, but it isn't.  And, the player won't scale when I change the browser window size.  I have to wonder at the greyed-out Output Slide Size section, where it appears to be defaulting to a width of 720p.  Can't seem to figure out how to get into that part of the menu though. 

Any ideas for me?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michele!

I appreciate you including those screenshots. Where is your published content hosted--on a web server or a LMS? Do you have a link you can share with me for testing?

In regards to the Output Slide Size section, it's greyed out because it's not used for "Scale player to fill browser window". If you switch to "Lock player at optimal size," you'll see those options enabled.