Presenter course becomes unresponsive

I've had a report that a student experiences a Presenter course freezing up in IE9.  In the middle of taking the course, play/pause and other controls become non-responsive.  Waiting a while longer, IE will present a message that a script is taking too long to complete and the student has an option to abort or wait.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  Any solution(s)?

The course is published for web (no LMS).  player.html is being run by the student.

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Sam Carter


The fix increases the amount of time allowed before issuing an error message.  The current amount of delay that clicking "PLAY" (to progress to the next page) is almost 30 seconds, maybe longer.  As you know, this should only take seconds.

Continuing to wait seems to do nothing.  The IE task had to be killed using task manager.

I should mention that more than one student experienced this problem.  It is a first in my experience.  Sounds like Presenter is stuck in an endless JavaScript loop.