Presenter with Quizmaker Freezing

Sep 04, 2013


Bit of a tricky one here, would really appreciated some advice from anyone with any past experience in this or knowledge.

I am having a few issues with a course we have created which features a quizmaker assessment at the end of the course.

e.g. Slide 41/41 has an inserted quizmaker quiz in presenter.

  • Each question has immediate feedback after submitting the answer (correct and incorrect pop-up)
  • There is a pass score of 80%
  • A pass screen
  • A fail screen

On the last question 10 of 10, after submitting you see the correct / incorrect pop-up message box.

Instead of "Next question" which we see on questions 1-9, we see a new button "View results" which of course is correct as the next screen is the results screen.

The issue is that upon selecting "View results" the screen has been know to (not always) hang and freeze, the only way to progress is to close the course, re-open. Upon resuming the user is shown the results screen (e.g. pass or fail).

We have looked into the SCORM, there doesn't appear to be any issues with that. It's SCORM 1.2 and upon hitting the "View results" button the scorm is updated accordingly, such as the score and completion status.

I personally have not been able to replicate this issues but have seen various screenshots from users who are frustrated by this, however throughout the organisation where this is being used it is being picked up frequently as there are a large audience to this course.

Users browsers and OS vary so it isn't localised to one machine / browser. However the latest report was on the following setup, however i'm not sure this will really make a difference:

  • Flash player 11.4.402.270
  • Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Internet Explorer 8

Can anyone shed any light onto this.

I have removed, re-inserted the quiz and published a new version many times, and this issue is impacting about 8 modules (8 variations of the same course in different languages), so it is quite crucial to resolve.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated and I look forward to anything anyone can add here.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alan,

Were you able to test it within SCORM Cloud to see if you received the same result? I know you mentioned it being intermittent - but SCORM cloud is a way to help you determine if there is something happening within the file or within the LMS. You may also want to review the LMS troubleshooting steps here.

If you're able to replicate it within SCORM Cloud, please let us know and share your packaged Presenter files with us here or by sending along to our Support team. 

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