Presenter360 publishing failure

Mar 17, 2020

tried flowing

- cut into smaller file: failed

- cut into very small file(less than 10 pages); some file successful but some failed

- import into new ppt file and publish: failed

- reboot PC: failed

- publish through story line: lost marks and word font get massed up

failure message show up always at the stage of "clean up temporary file"

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bryan!

I really appreciate you sharing the steps you've tried so far! That gives us a great place to start.

Let's start with opening the file in Presenter360. After the project is open, choose "File" and then "Save As". Save the file to your Documents folder on your local drive.  After that, try and republish. 

If that doesn't do the trick, can you make sure your Windows system is up to date? If not, please update and restart your computer.

Keep me updated if that does that fixes the publishing error!

bryan pu

Please let me know if any other info you need to solve this publishing problem.

I published to LMS, also tried other destiney, no luck.

Hope you could give me some solution ASAP, since my course tools evaluation work is stalled and the deadline for completing this evaluation is end of this week.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Bryan!

Thank you for trying various steps, and I'm sorry to hear you're still facing this!

From here, I'm going to connect you with our Support team so we can recommend the next best steps — keep an eye out for an email shortly. They'll do everything they can to ensure you're up and running as soon as possible!

Christine Schödel

Hi there,


as I'm facing the same problem right now, I would like to know if there is a general problem or if the technical problem is on my side. This would help me figuring out my next steps. I would like to fully use articulate and its features and not only parts e.g. implementing figures and illustrations into my powerpoint presentation but not being able to implement quizzes and publish them in SCORM or HTML5 at least.

Can you help me?


Thank you.

Kind regards,


Katie Riggio

Hi Christine! 

I'm sorry you're running into a similar roadblock. For first steps, could I have you go through these repair steps and let me know if there's an improvement?

If that doesn't help, would you be willing to share your Articulate Package with us for testing? You can share it privately through this link. We'll try to publish and review our next course of action from there!