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Sep 09, 2015

Greetings Ladies and Gents,

I am currently trying to publish some Studio 09 content on the web via ftp software FileZilla.

The content is a typical blend of Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker.

If I play the published version from my hard drive, everything works fine. but as I copy the published folder in the public_html directoy I get the following result.

It is strange because I have published standalone quizmaker content at the same location using the same method (software) and everything went well as you can see below:

My question is why would there be a problem when i'ts a full Studio production that is published? Why does it work when I run it from the hard drive but not the online version.

I would appreciate some help folks because those modules are used in a pilot deployment in a week and a half.

Thanks in advance






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Michel Gervais

Hi everyone,

I jut wanted to make an update to tell How my problem was resolved.

The answer is here:

in brief, when using an ftp software other than Presenter to have to make sure files are transfer in binary mode.

The problem with Presenter's ftp mode is that the transfer is so slow that it makes the apps crash or the server to disconnect.



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