Problem with AS3 swf file inserted by Articulate into Powerpoint

Hi, this is my first post so hopefully I am providing enough information. I am using MS Office Powerpoint 2007 with an Articulate add-on. I want to insert a Flash AS3 swf file into my document. When I follow the instructions to do this the swf file inserts fine and when I run Powerpoint in preview mode the swf file shows up as long as I stay in the current Powerpoint session . However, if I save my powerpoint presentation, close it and then reopen it and run it in presentation mode the swf movie is no longer displayed even though the place holder for the swf file is still embedded on the slide. When I go back and look at the properties for the embedded swf file they haven't changed but all I see is a blank slide when I preview it. What am I doing wrong? Do you have to reload the swf file everytime you go into powerpoint? Thank you

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Nelson Diaz

A blank slide when in preview mode is normal. Articulate doesn't know that your swf is loading an external image with AS3, so when it creates a temporary directory with the necessary files to display your presentation in preview mode, it includes your swf, but not the jpg file. Assuming you're using Studio '13, you would have to manually add the jpg to the appdata/local/temp directory every time you're in preview mode. It makes more sense just to expect the blank slide. What really matters is that your published content is able to load the external image. To do this, you're going to manually add any external files at the root of your published presentation. Place the jpg at the same level as the presentation.swf and presentation.html files (the jpg and your AS3 swf will be in different folders but it should still work).