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Mar 21, 2012

I want my course to open in Slide Only View. The next slide should open in Standard View. I can't get this to work properly. It works for some course but not others and I am not seeing any differences between the courses.

I have the player template settings such that Slide Only is set as the Starting View. In Slide Properties, the second slide is set to switch to Standard View. However, when I prview and after publishing, the course opens in Standard view.

I've double checked that the player template with Slide Only as the starting view is the template listed before publishing.

Anyone know what might be causing this problem?

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Catherine Conley

I just noticed that the course I am having trouble with has (In Project) listed next to the player template - while the course that works does not. Not sure if this is making a difference. Course 1 - that worked used a basic template. To create course 2 - I choose to make a new template from existing and selected the template from course 1 - added the attachment tab then saved under a new name. Would this have caused the issue?

Catherine Conley

Thanks Peter that is very helpful information to know. After I noticed the (in project) designation, I opened the dropdown list of templates and found that the same template was listed earlier in the list without the (in project). I selected this version of the template - same name just not (in project) and it fixed my problem.

The article explained how templates endup in the PPTA file and not on my computer very well. I will definitely save the templates to my computer going forward.

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