Change view mode in a presentation doesn't work

Oct 28, 2011

Hi all,

I need to change the view mode in my presentation. The first slide should be without sidebar and the next with sidebar.

I set in slide properties the change view of my first slide "No Sidebar". This first slide advance automatically all next slides advance by user. I also selected in the player templates View modes: no sidebar (as starting view) and standard view.

The result is that the first slide is fine, but even my next slides are with no sidebar. I even tried to set the second slide in slide properties As Standard view... Did I forget something?

As I would like to use no sidebar view again at the end of my presentation where I inserted a quiz, I would like to understan exactly what I did wrong.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Silvia,

If I'm understanding you correctly, you only want your first and last slides to have no sidebar, but the rest of your presentation to have sidebars. Is that correct?

If so, try having the Player Templates set to include sidebars, as that's what you want for the majority of your presentation, and then adjusting the Slide Properties to No Sidebar for the few slides that you don't wish to contain a sidebar.

Will that do the trick?

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