Progress bar for all the slides ?


with Presenter 13, I wonder if it is possible to have a progress bar tacking into account all the slides (PPT, Engage...) of the project. In fact the current seek bar is running only for the displayed slide.

So I would like to have a progress bar indicating for example 5 slides viewed on 15.

The goal is to indicate to the learner the global progress in the course and the time remaining.

Is Storyline able to do that ?


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Ricky Nox

Hi Helen,

you're right.

However it is not what i want to do. This Seekbar represents the progress for the current slide. When you go to the next slide the Seekbar restart from 0.

In my case, I need a "global" seekbar taking into account all the slide.

So the solution is perhaps to use the SDK to add a custom player seekbar. Are there any examples of such development .?


Neil L

Hi Leslie or Helen,  

I know this is an old forum but I'm wondering if there was some resolution to this request.  I went to the link Leslie recommended and found an subject titled "Customer Seekbar" but I believe that is for storyline.  I'm wondering if there is one for Presenter 13.  I may not even need to be a progress global seekbar, even a slide counter would be helpful.