Publish either Presenter 2013 or Storyline to MP4

Good morning,

I thought, but admit I didn't look too closely , that Presenter 2013 provided a way to publish to MP4?  Now that I have the software, I think I was mistaken.  Just curious is there a better way to convert either Presenter or Storyline to MP4, without using Camtasia Studio (which I own)?  



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris and welcome to Heroes! 

Were you thinking of Articulate Replay (it comes with Studio 13)?  In regards to Storyline and Presenter, they include a number of files in the published output, so there isn't a way to create one file that would play the course and allow for all the interactivity. 

Brian Allen

I'm kind of surprised to hear myself saying this, but lately I've been asked to do quite a bit of stuff that I would consider "presentation", rather than elearning.  No interactivity, hit the button and go kind of stuff.  Short and targeted.

Found myself thinking just earlier today that it would be nice to have a publish as mp4 type of option for Presenter '13.

Sounds like a good feature request!

Chris Sloyer

Thanks Ashley and Brian!

Yep, maybe I saw something regarding Replay and MP4.  And Brian, yes I am looking to support the same sort of ask regarding presentations, rather than elearning.  Specifically, I think I could add flavor to short video presentations by incorporating animation tools, annotations, and characters in Presenter or Storyline.  I think I'll continue to investigate the workflow of using Camtasia to convert Articulate to MP4 (my first attempt was ok, but clunky.)

- Chris

p.s. I'll check out the feature request link too!

Brian Allen

I think a big part of the question would be why mp4?  What value does publishing to mp4 add, when both Presenter and Storyline have great Flash and good HTML5 output?

For me it's the simplicity of the mp4: Cross browser, cross platform, any device, single file playback that will ALWAYS playback the same no matter what it's being played on.  Easy portability because it is a single file...

And Chris, I would like to use Presenter for these types of video presentations for the same reasons you mentioned... Features that just aren't supported in Replay.

KS Meyer

Does anyone have any tips on using file converter software like Any Video Converter to convert files that are published in Articulate Presenter 13 to mp4 format? I created a training and wasn't aware it needed to be in mp4 output format and now am scrambling to figure out how to make this happen without recreating the whole project in Captivate.

I notice when I attempt to upload the published version of my training to the converter, only the mp3 files are shown, and it will convert those files to mp4, but then I don't know what to do with them!

Please help!