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Sarah Tinson

Hi Linda,

I do the same. LMS and CD. I'm sure someone will offer a more technical explanation, but from what I see, publishing to both LMS and CD produces different files in the zip file, so I would say no. The publish to CD option creates a Launch Presentation file that's not created with the Publish to LMS option.

I think. Anyone else?

Also, one 'gotcha' that got me this morning - had immense trouble republishing a course with a minor update -spent about 30 mins researching zip errors etc here, then it struck me. The last course I published last week to CD, and that setting had been retained in the publish window - aarghhh. Once I clicked back on the LMS option all was good.


Linda Herring

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for replying.

I do see the different files that are published via the different options. And I have published to CD via other software.

I was just hoping for a technical explanation I could provide the client.

Maybe someone from Articulate could clarify.

Thanks for your help and insight.