Publish to CD option with linked Captivate files

Feb 25, 2011

I've been asked to put one of our projects on CD. I'm able to publish to CD successfully, but I'm not able to get our hyperlinks to several Captivate movies to work. n the main folder in My Documents, I had the following files:

  • The original .pptx
  • The .ppta file
  • The files for the published Captivate demos

When I published to CD, I published to the same root folder, so now, in the folder you'd see the above, and the published file for CD, which included the following:

  • data
  • player
  • autorun.inf
  • Launch_Presentation.exe
  • loader.ini
  • player.html

When I test the cd, the project launches, but it doesn't link to the movies and says it can't find them. I tried moving the demo files into the published for cd folder. How can I get the demos to work on the CD when clicked? Any ideas or suggestions?

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