Publish to Word - Uniform format needed

Jun 08, 2011

Hi all,

Call me crazy but shouldn't there be a uniform format for publishing to Word between Presenter and Engage?

Here is the scenario (and I think it applies to a lot of us)...

After putting a course into production, we need a hard copy for regulatory review purposes. Now I understand that we can publish each interaction separately to Word and insert them into the Word doc that is generated from the presentation. A pain, but workable.

But the issue is that Engage creates a really nice screen-by-screen output format that we love. Presenter only creates storyboard or speaker's notes.

So at the very least they need to share one of their output formats so we can make a uniform hard copy.

Even better would be being able to publish with a single click instead of each interaction separately and merging them. But that is crazy...

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Scott Lindstrom

Hi Bob,

Can you say feature request?

I wholeheartedly agree that there should be a global option that applies the output format across all the Articulate apps including Quizmaker! 

Having had to do the hard copy as well (Pharma) before, it is a pain to create and combine all the components for regulators.



Wendy Garrison

Hi there -- I was searching some old threads to see if someone had figured out how to do this a little more efficiently. I figured it was me and I was the only moron doing individual Presenter and Quizmaker Word outputs and then combining them after the fact. Sounds like there are quite a few of us in the same boat. My next question was if someone handy with code has developed a macro or two that would expedite the process. Please say yes...

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