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I am currently evaluating Articulate and have liked it very much. Before making the purchase decision I would like to clarify a few points:

1) I will be using Articulate to publish modules of around 300-400 slides containing text, graphics, flash, and audio. In the trial version, I have noticed that publishing around 50 slides takes quite some time. I have read about optimizing slides in various articles and certainly hope to do that. However, i was wondering if Articulate can handle that many slides and multimedia objects? Has anyone tried something similar before? Our content is not yet ready so we can't test it out but it may jeopardize our plans if we discover an issue later in the day.

2) How can I perform load testing on my Articulate courses? I will be hosting the course on my own infrastructure and was wondering what server configuration I should keep in mind (this is for around 800 users who will take the course multiple times from their respective computers). I have checked out AO but its too expensive for us. We are working on a limited budget and would like to make the most of it.

Look forward to hear from you guys!



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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Sid! And thanks for giving Articulate a shot!

For your first question (1), a project of that size shouldn't be an issue, but it's always a good idea to test it out as you go. This would be helpful in pinpointing any issues that do arise in a project that size. I know a lot of our customers have experience with large projects, and I'm sure they'd be eager to share tips and success stories with you over at our Building Better Courses forums. Drop a line, and get to know our great community!

And for your second question (2), the standard server load testing methods should work fine.

Welcome again, Sid, and please feel free to reach out to me or any one of our dedicated staff and community for any future questions you may have. 

Peter Anderson
Sid Gordon

Dear Peter,

Thanks very much for the warm welcome. I had read several times that the support provided by the wonderful people at Articulate is exceptional. Its good to experience this first hand! What an excellent reply. I will head over to the other forum and ask around.

My mind is made up.. only complaint is that the next version of Articulate will be out this year and we will loose out on the great features unless we buy the platinum membership :(



Peter Anderson

Hey Sid!

Happy to help! It's our customers- and their contributions to the community- that make us exceptional

And please keep in mind, that even without signing up for our Platinum Membership Plan, major version upgrades are available for 50% of the cost of a full license cost

Welcome again, and I look forward to seeing you around the community!