publishing for CD - menu and navigation options?

Feb 23, 2012

Hello again,

I would like some suggestions from the community from people who have experience with distributing content via CD - what are some of the menu and navigation options you have used to create a better user experience with content published on CD?

(Meaning an alternative to the user having to  navigate through the default output folder that Articulate gives you for a CD publish)

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Peter Anderson

Hey David!

If you wish to publish a presentation for CD in Articulate Presenter '09, feel free to check out this help documentation.

1) From the Articulate menu, select Publish -> CD.
2) Complete the publish wizard as you would normally do.
3) Open your output folder and drag the entire contents into your CD-R software.

The final point is the key one here: You’ll want to make sure that you don’t simply drag the folder to burn, and that your CD-R software doesn’t create a folder on the CD. You need to have the contents of the output directory at the root level of the CD in order for autorun to work correctly.

When the CD has finished burning, eject it from your computer and reinsert to test. If the above has been done correctly, your presentation should now run automatically.

Peter Anderson

Hey Albert!

For autorun to work, the published output needs to be at the root level of the cd, not in a folder. So if your CD-ROM is the D: drive the path should be D:\autorun.inf, not D:\my_presentation\autorun.inf.

If the directory structure of your CD is correct and autorun is still not working please refer to the Microsoft Support site KB article:

The AutoRun feature or the AutoPlay feature does not work when you insert a CD-ROM in the drive

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