publishing issue (switch to error)

Sep 06, 2012

hi everyone,

i am having two issues

1 i am trying to package the articulate file but when it packages nothing is in the zip.

second issue

i am tryng to publish a large file and i keep getting the folloiwng message

An action connot be completed because a component (Microsoft Powerpoint-[ACE_Filler_Training.pptx])is not responding choose

'Swithc to" to activate the component and correct the issue.

What is this and how can i mak sure it does not keep happening?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Eric, 

For your first issue, it may be a character limit issue. For zip creation to work properly, the full directory path of the publish location needs to be less than 256 characters in length, including the name of the zip file itself.

Also, please be aware that working on a network drive or publishing to a network drive can cause erratic behavior. You should edit and publish your content on your local hard drive (typically, your C: drive).
If you're still having trouble publishing, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Thanks!

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