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Dec 07, 2011

I am in need of some help.  I created a presentation and a number of flash videos that i created through out the presentation.  When i have used videos in presentations i always publish to our LMS, but I wat to put this presentation on our web site for everyone to view.  When i publish my course for Web Delivery, all the slides are viewable except for the flash videos.  Do i need to change some of the settings so it show my flash videos as well?  Or am i not allowed to use flash videos when publishing to web?  Thank you for your help

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David Anderson

Hi Hector and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

If you're unable to view videos (mp4, flv) on your web server, it's most likely due to your server's MIME settings. MIME is a fancy term for how file types are handled by the web server.

Here's an article on what's required. You might need to send your hosting company a note and ask them to set things up. It's usually a simple process.

Hector Aldaco

Thank you David,

When publisher finishes publishing the course, it gives me the option to email, ftp,zip, open folder, or view presentation.  When i select to view the presentation i get a pop up stating

"Adobe Flash player Security,  Adobe Flash Palyer has stopped a potentially unsafe operation,  The following local application on your computer or network is trying to cmmunicate with this Internet-enabled location. To let this application communicate with the Internet, Click Settings.  You must restart the application after changing your setting"

Could this be the reason why my videos arent showing as well?

David Anderson

Definitely That's something you can enable from your own browser. Here's another article on what's going on and how to resolve it

Basically, you need to give permissions to Flash Player to run from your local desktop or other folder. 

Where are you trying to play your Flash content? Off your C:\drive or something like a network drive? If it's network related, you may need to have a system admin set that up--all depends on your level of permissions.

Hector Aldaco

David thank you for your prompt response.  I am currently using flash player version 10.  It seems like the screenshots from the link provided was for Flash 8.  I am trying to look for the setting for ALWAYS ALLOW but i can not come across it.  Would it be under Developter tooks and specifing tursted locations for develper testing?  Sorry if they sound like begginer questions but not very familiar with this issue.  I am publishing to a network drive which contains many files and documents that are viewable on our web site

David Anderson

Hey, don't worry about beginner questions. Flash local settings is one of those things that gets us all. Once you set it up, you don't have to worry about it until you either get a new machine or do a clean reinstall.

Yeah, that article is a bit older, but you can click the link at the bottom to go to Adobe's Global Security settings page. From there you should be able to adjust the local settings from there.

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