Purchasing Pictures


I'm looking to buy some i-stock photos, but what size?  My options are:

X - Small                   283px  X  424px     @  72DPI 

Small                         566px X   848px     @  72DPI

Medium                   1132px X1696px    @ 300DPI  (all remaining are @300DPI)

Large                       1811px X 2714px

XLarge                     2800px X 4200px

XXLarge                   3284px X 4924px

XXXLarge                3744px X 5616px

I need them to look nice, not perfect, but nice! 


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Iain Conliffe

Given the standard dimensions of the Presenter player, I think Medium would work well. I think any bigger might be overkill for an Articulate project, but maybe others know more. Generally my policy is to go as big as I can reasonably afford to go, in case I want to re-use the picture later for something else and I need higher resolution.

Sheri  Matt

I came to the site to ask a very similar question and saw your question so I am piggy backing on it...I hope you don't mind! 

I am also curious about what size images to purchase.

In addition I am looking for feedback from anyone that has used the subscription services for stock photos (I am looking at fotolia.com).  Anyone use this and have reviews?  It looks like a good deal.



Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Rachel,

Unless you are planning to print the image later in a brochure, the small size will work for you.  300 dpi is for high quality print, 72 dpi is great for online graphics.

The medium image will be about 16" x 24" - that's huge.  The small will be approx. 8" x 12", that's still a big size, x-small is 4" x 6"

Save your money (unless you need the same image for a print job).