Quality vs Size

 I would be interested to know if others are having this discussion in their shops.  We produce a wide range of training using articulate and camtasia . When we first started few of us really had no idea what we were doing but over the lat 3 or 4 years we have gotten better.

Nos the we have most of our recording issues resolved and are producing average to better quality recordings we , and when I say we I mean me, are quite disappointed with the sound of the finished product. I have come to find out we are publishing at a very low bit rate. So as I am sure all of you know we have  a very tiny sound.  I am pushing for high bit rates but I am being told it makes for too big of files.I should mention that all of our training is delivered over the web.

How are all of you handling this or is the tiny sounds something that really doesn't matter to your customers?

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