Quiz changes not reflected when published

Nov 04, 2013

Hi,  I went in and changed a quiz to allow retries (which is how I had it before I upgraded to Articulate '13) but when I publish, it still won't allow retries.  How do I fix it?

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Alison L Coops

I do have a graded results slide, and everything looks fine when I preview it, so I think if I send my presenter files, it will work fine for you.  The problem is my change to the quizmaker properties isn't getting updated when I republish.  When I click your link to send my presenter files to you, there's not submit button or anything like that.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison,  

How are you testing your published output? If you're publishing for Web or LMS, you may need to clear the browser cache to allow it to see the changes you've made with regards to the Quiz settings. If you're still having difficulty, allowing us to test your files will help us determine if there are any other settings to change or if it's something happening within the publish itself, you can try this site to upload your files

Additionally, if the Support page is not displaying, are you able to try it within a different browser? I'm not seeing any problems on my end. 

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