Re-labeling text boxes in player templates

How can I find out the function of the various text boxes that are available in a player template?  I’m using Studio ’09 and I’ve created a module in Presenter that requires all slides to be completed.  If I try to advance manually, I get a pop- up box that is mostly blank with just a small 'ok' box.  (Pop-up blockers are turned off so that's not the issue.)

How do I know what it’s name is in the 'text labels' list so I can add a statement about no manual advancing.  Also- is there a list of these labels somewhere with definitions and examples?

Please advise ASAP and thanks. This is a compliance module that has to be ready by 1/1/14. 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Susan!

I'm attaching our Excel sheet that contains a list of all of the text labels. 

Here's an article (that includes videos) on the text labels:

Support >> Studio '09 >> Text Labels

..and here's a tutorial with a video:

Changing Your Player's Text Labels

I believe the one you're referring to is going to be around #24-#40 - these are labels for navigation. 

I hope this helps!