"Resources" Defaulting "On" for QM Slides

I just installed the trial for 360 after beta testing for several months, and am noticing that "resources" is defaulting on for quizzes in presentations after conversion.  This was not an issue that I noticed during the beta.  I've even had circumstances when, after having to individually turn it off in slide properties, it's really pesky and sometimes I need to turn it off two or three times and save before it sticks for each quiz.  Has anyone else encountered this?

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Crystal Horn

Hey Sean.  It sounds like this is happening to Studio 360 presentations that you created in the Beta.  

To confirm your process, at the close of the beta, did you uninstall all of the Articulate 360 apps?  And now you've installed the live version of Studio 360 and are opening those previously created projects there?  And are you consistently working on your local C: drive?

I wasn't able to recreate the persistence of the Resources tab in the player by working with a brand new file, so perhaps we need to have a look at existing files once they've been opened in the live version.  I don't have one, but I'll ask my team to help me out!

Sean Tenney

Hi Crystal,
It’s actually the reverse.  It was not happening in the Beta, but is now happening after I uninstalled the beta and installed the stable release.
I’m now on my 4th or 5th presentation and it’s happened on every one that I’ve converted from Studio ’13 to 360 using the stable release.  Also yes, always working off local drive (we
learned years ago never to work off networked drives, and to create a presenter package when uploading to networked drive for storage!).
I can provide you with an existing file if you like that has not yet been converted.  I also have an open case regarding a quiz not showing you’ve selected a M/C or T/F choice after clicking on it, but I think
I may have provided the package after converting to 360…
Case # 00942556.
If you would like me to submit a package or two just send on over a link.

Crystal Horn

Hey Sean.  Thanks for letting me test it out.  Yes, I can reproduce what you're seeing.  I upgraded a Presenter '13 (with Quiz) to Presenter 360, and the Quiz slide properties, for some reason, suddenly included a Menu and Resources, despite having disabled them in the '13 version.  And then, of course, the rest of my course player looked wonky because of all that extra player chrome for the Menu.

I'll get this logged with our QA team as I wouldn't expect that behavior.  I can update this thread with new information as I get it.  I'm sorry about that, but thanks for helping us nail down a bug!

Sean Tenney

Yes, it’s working for me as well, although sometimes I need to keep changing it to “off” several times before it sticks. 

Another issue that I’ve been noticing (and maybe I should put in a bug report, just let me know
J), is that for quite a few presentations, after converting to 360 from Studio ’13, I’m getting quite a bit of silence added to the beginning/end of what seem
to be random slides (that had ~ 1 second of silence at beginning/end before).  It’s strange, the animations still are in sync, but there is a pause of approx. 30-45 seconds or so.
Sometimes, when looking at it in the audio editor, it shows it both at beginning and end of effected slide, but when published only effects the end…
If you’d prefer I start opening tickets just let me know.
Thanks a bunch!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sean,

You can always connect with our Support Engineers here or share with us in the forums. Either way we'll want to take a look at your files, and if you're working within Studio we'll want to see the Presenter package (the one prior to upgrading so that we can test and see the audio before upgrading it). 

Crystal Horn

Hi Sean!  Good news-- we just released an update to Articulate 360 which includes a fix for Presenter that you might be interested in:  "Fixed: After upgrading a Studio '13 course to Studio 360, the wrong player features might be enabled for quiz slides."

Here's how updates work with Articulate 360.  You should be able to upgrade your Studio '13 courses to Studio 360 and have the proper Player features show now!  Let us know if you see any trouble down the road.