Restrict navigation in Presenter '13?

Jan 29, 2014

In Presenter '09 there was an option to restrict navigation so that users could only view slides they had viewed previously. Where is this feature in '13? I see that I can "lock" each individual slide, but this completely locks down the course, preventing backward movement to see previously viewed slides. Please tell me this feature didn't go away?!

Also, is there a way to sort the forum results to only view Presenter topics? Every time I search I'm flooded with Storyline results - would be helpful if we could search topics by product. Am I missing this feature somehow?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Hey Mike – thanks so much for the navigation info! I knew it had to be in there somewhere – just couldn’t find it.

To clarify the posts for Presenter only, when I go to that page and use the search box in the top right, it gives me search results for all products. So it seems like there’s no way to restrict a “search” for just Presenter, right?


Thanks again for the quick response!


Leslie McKerchie


Your first question about searching for Presenter content. I utilize Google for my search functionality, and you may find this helpful if you are trying to narrow down your search results. Here is a Screenr explaining how to utilize Google to search Articulate content.

Your second question: We no longer have the pop-up prompts for navigation restriction.

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