Restricted Navigation Preventing Engage from Allowing Advance

When I set navigation for a presentation to "Restricted" the presentation hangs up on the final engage content item (ie label, tab, etc.).The user clicks on the "Next Slide" button in the Engage and it does not allow them to advance to the next slide in the Articulate Presenter movie.

Our work around is to add an empty engage content item at the end of the engage that has no audio, but this is graphically awkward and a lot of work to republish existing lessons.

Is there a better solution for this problem?


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Jessica Joffe

I had a similar problem.  I have tried adding silence, removing and replacing the narration, and even removing the narration all together.  I have not seen any improvement.  Each time I preview I can click through all the labels and the next button appears, but when I try to click on the next button I get an error saying I haven't viewed all the material. 

One thing I notice, is that when I go to the presentation audio editor it is stretched pretty far out for the engage activites giving me the probelms. I have tried to delete the time on the audio editor, but it just reappears next time I open the editior.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?