Restricting Slide Progression on a slide that contains video content

Dec 06, 2018

I have a course which contains a video in one of the slides (video has been inserted as a web-object). The video is something we want to make sure learners see, therefore I am wondering if there is a way to restrict the learner from advancing to the next slide until they have completed the video?


Can this be controlled when the video is a web-object? I would guess it would have to be set up to correspond to the total length of the video so that when the learner has sat on that slide for a certain number of minutes then they can advance?

Any tips are appreciated!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marisa!

It can be tricky to restrict navigation on a slide with a web object video, especially in Presenter. You'll want to be careful with setting up the restriction to correspond to the total length of the video, since the learner could pause the video or skip ahead, and that would affect the timing.

Is there particular content you want to be sure the learner sees from the video? If so, maybe you could include some knowledge check questions after the video to ensure the learner captured that information. 

Marisa Hubin

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your reply! We do have a quiz at the end of the training that is acting as the knowledge check. The training is pretty simple--just the video and then the quiz at the end.


Is there a way to hide the buttons that the learner would use to advance to the next slide until after a certain number of minutes of video? As it is set up now learners can skip right through the video slide without having to watch any of it. I haven't done a web object with video before so I am just not sure what my options are and how people typically control the slides?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marisa!

Presenter allows you to set navigation to advance automatically or advance by the user. However, there isn't a way to hide the navigation button for a given length of time. 

Do you have access to Storyline? If so, you can easily set up this kind of navigation in Storyline. All you would need to do is import the Presenter slides, then set up a trigger to restrict the Next button on the video slide.

Let me know if that's an option for you!

Dave Neuweiler

I have a couple of thoughts on this.

First, you could turn off the Next and Prev buttons in Slide Properties for this screen, and then add an on-screen button. The on-screen button could then be hidden for a defined amount of time with an on-click entrance animation. A corresponding silent sound file would have to be inserted to make the animation work. I'd label the custom button something like "Click Here When Video Ends."

Second, if it is desired to eliminate the user's ability to skip forward using the seek bar in the video itself, the bottom portion of the web object containing the seek bar can be moved off screen in PowerPoint before publishing. That might look funny, but it would eliminate the seek bar and pause/play controls in the video.

(You'd also have to turn of Presenter's seek bar in Slide Properties.)

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