Running PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 side by side

Jun 19, 2012


I currently use PowerPoint 2007 when I'm creating e-learning using Articulate 09. Another client now needs me to purchase and use PowerPoint 2010 on the same pc for some (non-Articulate) work. I'm a bit nervous about upgrading from Powerpoint 2007 to 10 as I have seen some posts about occasional difficulties with ongoing Articulate projects when the Articulate projects have been started using 2007 and have then been transferred to 10 to be finished off (videos & animations misbehaving sometimes etc.)

So I'm considering keeping my ongoing Articulate projects in Powerpoint 2007 until they are finished (then doing future Articulate projects in Powerpoint 2010): but also having a copy of PowerPoint 10 on my computer for the other work.

Any thoughts on running both of them side-by side like this? How would I do this? Is it likely to confuse Articulate?? Would I be better off keeping them on separate computers?



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Dwayne Schamp

If it was me, I would just upgrade to the 2010 version of PPT, and see what needed to be fixed. In my experience, it wouldn't be much. Or if you are going to keep two versions, I would keep them on separate computers to avoid any registry errors with the program finding the right version of PPT to hook to.

I searched for some posts relating to 07 v 10 and didn't see anything glaring that would hold me from upgrading.

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