Sample of Navigation Tutorial for Presenter '09


I am looking for a good example of tutorial for Presenter ’09 navigation.  I’d like to see something that that explains what the different navigation items are (e.g  player controls, attachments icon, sidebar, etc.)  I don’t care if it has audio or text labels, anything that people think is good would be helpful.

Thanks so much

Greg Williams

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Phil Mayor

Hate to keep agreeing with you steve, but that has always been my opinion, but on our latest project the SME wanted to hold the learners hand throughout we ended up coing up with this we have player controls as a tab, also we have navigation instructions appear on the left of the player throughout

Steve Flowers

I think going with an optional navigation tutorial is always a winner Starting off with a navigation tutorial, or interrupting "the regularly scheduled program", can be a momentum breaker. Especially if the tutorial explains fairly obvious features (The button labeled "Next" takes you to the next slide -- I use a custom skin that clears most basic navigation features up). YMMV, depends on your audience.

Wrote something recently that covers recommendations for help screens and nav tutorials: 

USCG ADL Standard Operating Procedures

The guidance for instructions and help screens appears on Page 79 of Appendix E, which is page 149 of the entire document.