Sample of Navigation Tutorial for Presenter '09


I am looking for a good example of tutorial for Presenter ’09 navigation.  I’d like to see something that that explains what the different navigation items are (e.g  player controls, attachments icon, sidebar, etc.)  I don’t care if it has audio or text labels, anything that people think is good would be helpful.

Thanks so much

Greg Williams

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Steve Flowers

I think going with an optional navigation tutorial is always a winner Starting off with a navigation tutorial, or interrupting "the regularly scheduled program", can be a momentum breaker. Especially if the tutorial explains fairly obvious features (The button labeled "Next" takes you to the next slide -- I use a custom skin that clears most basic navigation features up). YMMV, depends on your audience.

Wrote something recently that covers recommendations for help screens and nav tutorials: 

USCG ADL Standard Operating Procedures

The guidance for instructions and help screens appears on Page 79 of Appendix E, which is page 149 of the entire document.