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Montse Anderson

Hi Alexander!

I recently picked up the Shure PG42 USB mic. I've had some challenges with it on my laptop. For whatever reason, it works great on desktop and Macs, but not my PC laptop.

In my case, the laptop soundcard tries to bypass the mic and I'm frequently finding I must select the Recording Device and from Screenr or other audio recording application.

If you right click the sound icon in your Task Bar, you will see an option for Recording Devices. Open that and ensure it's set to your GoMic. I've found I need to select the default recording device and then re-select the Shure Mic to activate it or get the laptop to recognize it. 

The mic quality is great, but the laptop keeps taking over. Try your recording devices and hopefully that will help.

Montse Anderson

Hopefully that will help. I've been told to update or download additional audio drivers. I haven't done that yet so I can't say if that will help.

What I will do is lightly tap the mic to verify the mic is receiving the input. It's not easy to tell where the input is coming from when the mic is so close to the laptop. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Camilla,

I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling with this. As you can see this discussion is quite a bit older, so I'm not certain how many users have run into something similar - but I know a few members of our team use similar USB mics without issue. 

Could you share a bit more about your Windows set up, Articulate version, and what is happening when you try to use your mic?  

Alyssa Gomez

Really sorry you're having so many issues with audio in Replay! I know quite a few folks in this community use the Yeti mic, so I wouldn't expect you to have any problems with that one.

Would you mind creating a quick sample file so we can get an idea of what your audio sounds like? Then, send the file over to us by clicking here. Be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along!