SCORM, IE 7 (maybe higher), and Scores

We're noticing issues with users using IE 7 and Flash Player 11.2+.

The score doesn't record to the LMS as well as the completion status.   Some how these users are marked as complete.

We haven't had an issue with this course until the month.    Not sure if there is an issue with Articulate 9 and Flash player 11.2+ or IE7.   

We are not able to reproduce this issue but it seems like the common technical requirements are users who use IE7 (except for one) and Flash Player 11.2 (except for one which is 11.4).

Is there current issues with the new Flash Player?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Mary Jo, welcome!

Have you had a chance to test the course in SCORM Cloud? If you can replicate the behavior there, it could be an issue with the course and we'd be happy to take a look. If you aren't able to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's likely an issue with your LMS, and you'll want to open a support ticket with your LMS team.