Jun 09, 2011

How can I view all the Screenr's someone has posted? For example, Jeanette Brooks has posted 241 screencasts. There are only 10 that show up on her Screenr page, though. I tried clicking on All Screencasts by Jeanette Brooks but I can only access the same 10.

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David b

I have been trying to add annotations on top of a mp4 video I recorded in Screenr.  The video will play in its entirety.  But the timeline that is listed above the Start Annotations (Or Start Sync) button only plays for 7 seconds and stops which does not allow me enough time to create my annotations.  I attempt to use Sync Animations, Record Narration technique, and the Add Annotations method as well.  I have been looking around and found that others are having problems with this as well… Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

David b

Hello Justin and thanks for the quick response, I have a deadline of Friday, so I am going a bit crazy.  I can get what you have posted to work fine for a slide with video, but unfortunately that is not working when I add the Video.  Same thing, .07 seconds and then nothing.  This is strange because it was working fine two days ago but now it is not working.  Even when I go back and open up the old Power Point and review the slides with Screenr video that are 2:30 seconds long with annotations going throughout the entire video I am unable to add the annotations now?  It gives me 0.7 seconds of time and then stops.  I am not doing anything to the Presentations Options or Slide Properties either…  I have attempted a reinstall and system restart.

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