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Todd Thornton

I just received my first report of an embedded Screenr not playing online which I've just verified. ( I also used the same method as described above when creating) Was there any solution to this issue? It won't play for me in both Firefox and Chrome so I'm going to guess an issue with the newest version of flash?


Todd Thornton


Sorry, I deleted my only original zip and republished by linking directly to the page, but is it possible the ad blocker plus plugin was causing the embedded videos to no longer play? Maybe there's an issue with one of the filters? I'll try to recreate the original and do some additional testing.


Meg  Houston

When I publish courses using the Web publish option, some reviewers at my company can't view the screenr presentation that's embedded in presenter. I uploaded the videos in presenter by saving an .mp4 of the video on my desktop, then inserted a flash video in presenter and resized it to fit the page.

I tried to troubleshoot with the users and they tried multiple browsers, but are unable to view the slides with screenrs on them. This only affects certain people, and I even checked with Articulate support to see what kind of requirements they need. After upgrading to the new Adobe flash player, we still didn't get results.

Are there other reports of this happening?

Jeanne Miller

If I use the insert web object to embed screenr videos, and then publish to CD, are the screenr videos embedded as .mp4s? I have a client who works for a military agency who enrolled in the presenter course we have published as CD. She couldn't see the videos. I asked her to tell her IT guy that the videos were embedded as .mp4s and to see if the agency has restrictions against .mp4s. He just called and said he searched the CD and didn't find any .mp4s. Could you explain this to me--I need to get back to him and we have a lot of military clients so this may be a really big issue.