Seekbar in IoS

Hi there, using Articulate 360 / Presenter/Powerpoint etc. and noticed that Published content does not show the play bar (or seek bar if you call it that) on the screen as the content is playing when using an iPad (Safari or Chrome)?  Is this something I'm missing or has it just been taken out?  I doubt the last one as it's imperative.

All the best, Graham

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Graham,

Happy to help here! As Lauren mentioned, a similar workflow can be applied to determine if the seek bar is enabled for a Presenter course. Could I have you check to see what the settings are for the presenter course? Here is how to find that setting: 

If the seek bar is enabled, how does the course appear on your PC? 

Graham Francis

Hi Vincent, the Seekbar has been selected and is shown in the attachment file as when viewed on a PC... Not appearing on the iPad regardless of the browser used.   

Hi Stephania, thanks for the suggestion, that's not working for me so I'm still stumped!

Cheers, Graham

Lauren Connelly

Hi Graham! 

Would you mind if I took a look at the file? I'll run a test in an iPad environment and see if there are any snags specific to that environment.

If so, you can share the Articulate Package with us by attaching it to this discussion or sharing it privately using this link. I'll report back with my findings!