Shifting Shapes

We recently upgraded to Articulate '13.  After making minor changes to an existing course (created in '09) some of the shapes (rounded rectangles with no fill) have shifted slightly in the published course.  In some cases the rectangle is now covering the item it is highlighting.  The only workaround I think of is to make the shapes larger so that if it does shift it doesn't interfere with anything. 

Does anyone know what is causing this and if there are any other workarounds? When upgrading is it a good practice to rename files so we are working with a "cleaner" copy?  (I know when we ran into issues with PPT 2003 that often solved the problem.)


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Penny! 

I have another thread about issues with shapes moving during publish. Their workaround was to save as image instead of utilizing a PPT shape. The course was not shared for me to offer additional information though.

I have not seen specific issue in regards to the upgrade causing an issue nor to re-name files.

If this is something that you think we need to have a look at, please feel free to share your Articulate Package with us.