Slide advancing before completing

Sep 13, 2012

I have added a video as a web object within a slide.  We want the learner to watch the entire video before the slide advances to the next slide.  The slide properties have been set to Lock and Advance Automatically.  When previewing the range of slides, the video does not finish playing before the slide advances to the next slide.

I also tried setting the Navigation in Player Templates to 'Locked - user cannot change slides'.  This allows the video to finish playing before the slide advances, but it won't advance when it's finished.

What am I missing?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sara,  if your web object contains video controls, unfortunately there's really no way for the course to know if or when the learner has paused the video. Web objects are independent of the course itself, so in that case the slide properties won't know when to auto-advance (or when not to). What you might consider doing is this: keep the slide locked, but turn off the auto-advance. Keep the slide duration set to whatever the minimum length of the video would be, assuming the learner doesn't pause it. That way, the learner has to stay on the slide for at least as long as the video would play, assuming no pausing. Once that duration plays out, they'll be able to initiate the slide-advance with the player controls.

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