Slide audio ends prematurely

We've run into an issue with the playback of Studio '13 lessons. Our issue appears to be machine specific, and we are not sure if the problem is on the authoring/publishing side (Studio issue) or on the playback side (Flash or browser issue). Has anyone run into a similar problem as described below:

When testing published lessons, some of our instructors are finding slides set to auto advance will end prematurely (could be 1 sec, could be a couple of sentences). We see the problem in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. We test the presentation on a different machine, and the slides behave normally (i.e., audio ends prior to slide change). If the slides are set to advance by user, they play normally, also. The issue only happens with the flash version of the published lesson.

Any insight the community has would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Andy! Here are the steps you would need to create your Articulate package, and if you are comfortable, you are welcome to share your files here in the thread by using the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box.

If privacy is a concern, you may use this form to submit your files for confidential review and I'll go ahead and pick up your case from a staff-only queue. :)