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Apr 04, 2014

We have just bought the Studio 13 upgrade to Studio 09, and are in th process of converting all our courses to Studio 13 and republishing them  to SCORM 1.2.

Athough we thought we had bottomed out an issue while playing with the free trial Studio 13, we have immediately come up against a real problem with it.

In Studio 09, we set all our courses in Player Template Navigation to "Restricted; .user can only view current or previous slides" so that a user was forced to go through the material in the right order. We then controlled the dwell time on many slides by inserting a silent audio file lasting for the required time. This was only needed if a slide had no animations.

All we can see in Studio 13 Slide Properties is "locked" or "free" navigation. Both these are useless for us.

I'm aware of the possibility of placing a hyperlink on each page, but this is a hugely laborious and time consuming  solution to a problem that should not be there in the first place. There has to be a better way.

Surely that simple and essential feature that Studio 09 had has not been removed in Studio 13?  How can we set the "user can only view current or previous slides" as a presentation option?

Dwell time is another problem, easily managed in Studio 09.  Our users are often non-English speakers who only have the basic minimum that our (aviation) industry demands. They may take 3 - 5 minutes to understand and absorb a slide that an experienced English speaker needs 20 seconds on. 

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Tony Mills

Hi Terry, many thanks for that response.  

I can do the setting in Slide Properties to Advance by User.  No problem there.

But in the Player Properties in Studio 13 there is no item that I can find to Restrict Navigation. That was in the Studio 09 Player, but I cannot find it in the Studio 13 one.

I suspect that auto-collapsing the Outline/Menu is another matter altogether; we would not want to do that, because we encourage students to go back frequently.

What we need to do is prevent them from jumping over slides they have not viewed. In other words, NOT "free navigation"!

Can you be clarify a little?

Bets regards


Terry Wang

Hi Jon

Except step 1 as you have done, you also need to follow the step 2 as the picture shown.

There is a option called "navigation restriction" just below the "menu settings" .

You need to change "free to restricted". The other options chosen in menu settings depends on your course need.

I check the steps and it works.

Best regards,


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