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Mar 15, 2011

Hi All,

I know that when I start my Articulate file, the slide titles automatically become the slide names in the Articulate slide properties. I know I can manually change them by going to slide properties if I want to change the name in the table of contents but not change the text in the graphic.

So when I make that manual change, I notice the name in slide properties doesn't automatically update if I later change the slide title. I can see how this might be useful, but is there a way to relink a slide properties name and PPT title after a manual name change?


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Angela Forero

Hi Brian, I tried to do what you suggested but I didn't see "navigation title" option in the slide property. 

Now, I am having the same issue the person above posted. In my case, if I name my slide using the slide title then I can see that name is updated in the table of contents and the slide layer. But if I name my slide first on the Scene/ Table of contents (thumbnail view), then that title is updated in the slide layer but not in the Title area of the slide itself. 

Is there any way I can link these fields so that the change in one of them affects the other ones? 

if not, Can you recommend me a better practice? We are using the slide titles as the title that we want to have in the table of contents. 


Jon DeGroot

Hey Angela,

If you're looking to have the Slide title be the name for the Table of Contents then all you should need to do is provide Slide titles for each slide and it should update your "Navigation title". If you already went into Slide properties and modified a Navigation Title however you will need to go in and delete what you put and press okay as Brian mentions above. Here is a screenshot showing the slide properties window and where you should find the Navigation Titles. Changing the Navigation Title within the Slide Properties will not modify your Slide Title so best practice would be to not touch the Slide Properties and just make sure a Slide Title is present on each slide. Let me know if this answers your question!

Rupali Desai

@Leslie McKerchie Hi again,

Where can I find Player Properties? I'm using Presenter v0.9. If I open the slides in PPT, I do not see the Player Properties option. Could you help understand me better?


To repeat the question -- I would like to know how to hide the slides in TOC in Articulate Presenter 09?

Rupali Desai

Hi again Leslie,


I'm working on Articulate Presenter 09. I followed your instructions, but could not hide the slides in TOC. I'm attaching the screenshots for your reference. Can you check and let me know if I'm doing anything wrong?


My second new question is:

Is it possible to remove the 'articulate' logo appearing at top-left in the Published course of presenter?


Thank you in advance for your help!



Rupali Desai

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