Slide visible replotting issue

I am developing a text based course and do slide duplicates with added paragraphs to build up the text and image contents of a screenful. I also hide the text build slides (apart from teh first one in a build) in the navigator. Hope you get the gist!

However I have noticed that when published the screen sometimes visibly replots instead of giving the effect of just sleamlessly adding the new paragraph . This doesn't always happen i.e. teh visible jump\replot and also doesn't happen with the same paragraph when I replay using back and forward buttons. This leads me to believe the problem relates to the player, is this a known issue with a workaround of some sort?

Many thanks - hope I'm clear enough.


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Ron Price

Hhhmm, trying to visualize your issue . . .

Does it happen when going forward in the course, or when going back and forth.  I ask because it could be a refresh.  Since Presenter only loads 3 slides at a time, if you skip around some, you can sometimes detect a quick refresh except for the items in the Slide Master which are running constantly.

ciaran oconnell

It happens going forward mostly. WHen I replay the slides it doesn't happen so much or happens on a later build paragraph\build point. Definitely seems to be the 3 slide preload kind of thing then but I think we have everythiing we can on the slide master tho'.

I'll play around and report back. Thanks for the tips.


ciaran oconnell

HI - I wonder could someone take a look at the attached, a basic version of a presentation containing the issue described in this thread. I have tried a few different options that were suggested by Phil & Ron to overcome the replotting issue but without success. I fear the problem is the 3 screen loading issue and therefore probably unresolvable but effectively we are finding that with no pattern to it screens are completely visibly replotting as in very briefly going to white on slides where we are building text and images to a full screen over consecutive screens. For the user taking the material this replot is visually disturbing and would be great to get rid of.

I have included a copy of the published presentation for you to see the issue. The issue can become more exagerated by going going forwad and back alot between screens. If we could basically find out what is causing the replot and disable it that would be great....!

Thank you.

Justin Wilcox

Anything you are seeing loading is simply coming from the slidex.swf not the slide master swf. If you didn't want to see that effect, you would need to create a new slide master with the objects you don't want to see load. I personally don't see this as an issue to worry about.  A person viewing your content is not going to be focused on things like that, in my opinion.

Justin Wilcox

Transition effects is not causing this issue. What you see when you see a slide is a background SWF movie which is the slide master. Anything that resides on the slide is on the slide.SWF and that loads separately from the background slide which is why if you go back and forth you will see the transitions that way. If you are viewing it on a real world situation as a user who isn't thinking about this you probably won't notice it or think anything if it since that does not indicate anything is broken. Not really much, if anything, you can do about that. Of you want, feel free to send us your PowerPoint file here: 

We can take a closer look but my expectation is that there isn't much that can be done to make it work any differently.