Some employees are not receiving credit for courses

Oct 24, 2011

Has anyone ran into an issue where some employees are receiving credit for a particular course and some are not  when all of the employees are doing the same action?

This is happening for a course where there is not a quiz, that requires a particular % in order to receive credit, embedded into the course, it is just a "review" quiz.  There is not any flash movies inserted into the course; it is just a basic PPT with a Quizmaker "review" at the end of the course.

The course is set to give the employee credit after reviewing a certain amount of slides. The course, at this time, is linear so there is not a chance the employee could be missing a slide.

Our employees all have the most current Flash Player installed on their computers, any idea as to why this issue is occurring?

I have tried republishing the course before just in case there was some kind of bug occurring.

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Brian Batt

Hi Adam,

Open your playerproperties.xml file in a text editor like Notepad & look for the following:





This tells the LMS that you're tracking by the number of slides viewed and the minimum requirement is 80.  Please verify that the number in your file matches the number of slides in your presentation.  If it doesn't, publish your presentation & set it to track by viewing 1 slide.  After you publish it, close PowerPoint.  Then, reopen your course & set the tracking to the right number of slides.  This should resolve the issue.

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