Sound mix into the pages - URGENT

Jan 23, 2013


I have a slideshow in which I have 40 slides. Each slide has an audio clip.

3 slides, sound mix.

In my example:

- Pages 1 to 20: ok

- Pages 21 to 23: I hear the audio clip well each page + the audio clip on page 24 (in the same time)

- Pages 24-40: ok

Sounds are correctly imported into Articulate (I think).

No other sound is imported directly in PowerPoint !!!

Thank you

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Eric.

If you publish your presentation and notice that some audio is overlapping or is duplicated on slides that it should not be playing on, please review the following article for known issues and solutions to this issue: 

If you are using PowerPoint 2007, you may also need to verify that the text boxes and other objects on the affected slide(s) are not named with special characters. Here's how: 

1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint 2007, and navigate to the slide where this issue occurs or begins. 
2. Select the Home tab on the PowerPoint toolbar (ribbon). 
3. Click on the Select drop-down list (in the Editing group), and choose Selection Pane. 
4. In the Selection Pane, double-click the names of the shapes that contain special characters (e.g., accent marks, asterisks, quotation marks, etc.), and rename them with alpha-numeric characters only. 
5. Save your presentation, and republish it. 

Note that PowerPoint versions prior to 2007 do not include the Selection Pane feature. 

If this issue persists, create a new folder on your desktop, and republish your presentation to the new folder. Sometimes, when you republish projects to the same folder over and over, the contents do not update properly. 

If you still have difficulty, feel free to send us your project files here.

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