Sound not working for some end users

May 19, 2017

Hi All! 

Lately, I've been having more users than usual complain about the sound (narration) not working consistently in our Presentations (Presenter '13). 

I usually recommend that they switch to a different browser to see if that helps and it often does.  

What other recommendations would be appropriate to make in this situation.  It seems like most of these users are using Google Chrome.  I'm not sure if there's a connection or not, or if it just means that Chrome is a very popular browser. 

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide for how to troubleshoot sound issues for end users. 






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joe smith

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks for the reply.  The presentations are older and I'm no longer able to update them with Presenter '13 because I've upgraded to Studio 360.   I plan on doing a major overhaul and updating everything to 360 later this year, but for now I'm stuck with the versions I have in Presenter '13. 



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