Sound Overlapping on a Slide

Built a course that includes a quiz (built in QuizMaker) and audio.  The quiz occurs in the middle of the course and acts as a knowledge check.  Once the learner completes it, the course automatically moves to the next slide.  

Once the next slide is loaded, the audio for that slide works; however, within 5 - 7 seconds, an audio clip from another slide plays on top of it.  

The audio was imported using the 'import audio' button.  Only 1 piece of audio was imported per slide.  I've checked each audio clip and they're all good to go.  

Any ideas as to what could cause this?  

Thanks so much...

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I do apologize for double posting - It seemed as if the first was flagged since it was greyed out, then I posted one using attachments instead and now I see that the first did actually post without a problem... If someone could be able to assist, I would appreciate, I realise it is not a programme on the list of this site, but if someone could give some advise I can try I would be glad.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Admin,

You mentioned triggers but shared some images from Presenter - I wanted to check which tool you were using to author. Can you share a copy of your project file here with us? If you're using Presenter you'll want to gather the Presenter package, if it's Storyline we'll want to see the .story file. 

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Thank you very much - I'm working in Powerpoint 10 - I managed to install articulate's trail version and made a package.

The "triggers" I am talking about, is the option in powerpoint's animation pane, to make a click on another object the cue for something to begin, in this case, the audio associated with the visual.


The client wants viewers to be able to randomly click on objects and hear / see the associated information for that section, and that is why I set it up with triggers. (and not just a pre-setup spesific click appearance order).

I have two issues as per the previous post - audio overlapping when one clicks the next section and the previous one is still playing, as well as powerpoint forcing me to set the delay on certain layers when I choose the "stop on click" option, and the maximum delay is 60 seconds, whereafter the object/ group is moved from its current position (I hope all of this is making sense)

Please find the package attached.