Spotlight animation on a timer

Hi All,

I am working on electrical safety training. I have a presenter slide that has an animated gif of a simple circuit. The narration discusses the components of a simple circuit and I want to highlight each component as it's discussed. However, it seems that the spotlight annotation feature keeps the spot light on the slide until the next spotlight is inserted.

There is about 2.5 minutes of narration for this slide and I don't want to have the whole slide darkened when I only need to spot light portions of the circuit for maybe 6 seconds. The first spotlight needs to happen immediately, the second is about 30 seconds later, and the final spotlight is toward the end of the slide. I need the screen to brighten between spotlights.

Is there any way to put spot lights on a timer?

I have attached a photo for reference. The arrow moves through the circuit like current. I need to spotlight the voltage source, load resistance, and ground point.



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