Stuck between a rock and a hard place

So , my clients want one of their previously built courses converted to Arabic and Kurdish, but keeping the same look, feel and navigation of the original. The original was built in Studio 09, but using a 3rd party player skin.

If I read it correctly:

We can't translate into Studio 09, as there's no RTL language support.

We can't convert to Studio 13 as there's no custom skin support.

I'm screwed, right? Anyone got any ideas?



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Steve Gannon

Hi Scott,

Without seeing it, I can't speak to issues that may present themselves with the conversion of your custom skin, but as far as the content, yes, it's possible to use RTL text in Studio 09. PowerPoint supports RTL languages. After entering your RTL text, just save each text block as a graphic and then Studio will then display it properly. There are some limitations with Engage (for example, you can't place a graphic of text on a tab button in the tab interaction), but for the most part you should be able to accomplish the conversion so that it appears very similar to the original.

Steve Gannon

In Presenter 09, the notes are published as SWFs in the data/swf folder. I haven't tried this but I imagine you could produce your own SWFs and swap them into this folder after publishing to have the text appear RTL. You shouldn't have too much trouble with quizzes but Engage poses some limitations.