Studio 09 - Presenter file not displaying two interactions after publish

Jun 20, 2016

Hi everyone, I am making some updates to multiple courses that were created with PowerPoint and Studio '09 . I must leave the format exactly as it is for now, so I am using the trial version of Presenter and a licenced version of Engage.  I've made the updates to the .intr files and inserted them in the appropriate spot in the course.  When I publish though the course skips straight over them (they are welcome and objectives slides made in Engage) and goes to a later slide in the course.

I have removed all the interactions and re-inserted, tried as many things as I can, I'm working from my c: drive and all the files are in the same folder.  I can't upload the files here as they have sensitive information on them, I'm sorry.

I tried looking for similar posts about this but the older posts don't have any resolutions on them.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stacey -- Thanks for your questions and sorry to hear of your issues! So just to clarify, are you using the trial of Presenter/Studio '13 to update your existing Presenter '09 files? Or if you are attempting to update Studio '09 content via '09, are you testing your published output within the intended environment as described in this article, Publishing and Sharing Articulate Presenter '09 Content? Any additional details you can share would be appreciated so we can assist you further! 

Stacey LH

I'm using the trial of 09.  Have asked for the output to be loaded onto our server and it was having the same issue.


I have sorted it out by deleting and re-inserting the engage interactions, but have run into another issue now where the PPT slide which acts as the title slide will not advance to the engage interaction it was formerly skipping.

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