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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Emma!

We don't currently have a release date for Studio '13, just yet. I'm really excited about it, too! :) Definitely looking forward to trying out all the new stuff.

We are currently beta testing some of the features and looking forward to releasing more information as soon as possible.



Michael W

Hi Articulate Staff,

Can Articulate give some additional insight as to what the status is on the delivery of Articulate Studio 13?  Perhaps what in particular is "holding-up" the delivery date?  This will allow companies to plan future tutorial releases and or allow companies to "forecast" the possibility of publishing it's content via smart phone or tablet device(s).   Is there a possibility that Articulate studio13 may NOT be released?   Thanks for understanding.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Michael.

We can't publicly share the state of Studio '13. If you’d like to be considered for the beta program, please send your request to: beta@articulate.com

If you are invited, you can sign an NDA and then participate more fully in the beta experience and get a better sense of where things are.